When buying a new home a septic inspection is one of the best investments you can make.

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Real Estate Inspections

An inspection is an objective evaluation of each component of the system.  The inspection leads to a conclusion of the current functionality and overall condition of the system.  The report will deem the system as satisfactory or informs the buyer/seller the need of component repair or replacement.  This gives both parties an ability to negotiate the cost of the repair. 

   Before the actual inspection our office will coordinate with your realtor to obtain a copy of the home's septic permit from the health department and copy of the MLS sheet.  The information in these documents is placed in the report, i.e. number of bedrooms, baths, etc.  We can coordinate the septic inspection with your home inspection with sufficient notice.

  During the inspection you can expect the following: Tank is located, pumped and inspected.  Drain field is located and measured with measurements from other reference points such as wells and standing structures  included.  The drain field is flagged with markers so the new owner can see where to avoid parking or driving of vehicles over the tank of drain field areas. A loading test will be performed to check flow to the drain field and  if the system has a D-Box, or a pump system, floats and other component parts will be inspected.

  The inspection culminates in a 4 page report with the final page consisting of a computer generated drawing/map of the system.  This report meets all bank or lender requirements including conventional, VA, FHA and USDA.

  ** Payment is expected at time of service unless other arrangements are made.  Turn around time for a report is 24-48 hours, however you can receive a verbal summation immediately after the inspection.

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